Check out the Direct Giving Campaign, in partnership with the Lufa Farms

The Direct Giving Program provides direct access to fresh, local, responsible food to those who need it most.

The program can take on as many members as the funds in the community pool can allow. We check in with our community partners throughout the year to ensure individuals and family members are supported for as long as they need while benefiting those who need it most.

Suzanne Scarrow states: “Lufa Farms’ Direct Giving Program aligns perfectly with our mission. West Island Mission strives to provide our members with a healthy, balanced basket. Our goal is to educate our members on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food, as we believe this aids in both our members physical and mental health. The Direct Giving program goes hand in hand with our garden program and allows us to continue to offer fresh, locally grown food through the regular non-growing months. It helps affirm and confirm our commitment to providing a quality product.”


To read more or to donate, please visit this link.