Making a Difference

Our Mission

West Island Mission is a community based non-profit that provides well-balanced, high quality food assistance and other resources to those struggling with food insecurity on the West Island of Montreal.

Fighting Food Insecurity 

The demand for food assistance in the West Island has grown exponentially since the inception of the West Island Mission. 

The West Island has a reputation of being a wealthy community, one without struggles and vulnerability. This misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. This short documentary highlights the voices of West Islanders and their struggles.

We are a proud

Good Food Organization

Recognized by Community Food Centres Canada, the Good Food Organizations program aims to increase the capacity of community food security organizations to offer healthy and dignified food programs in their communities. The West Island Mission is now entering their third year as a Good Food Organization.

The program offers resources, customized training, grants, an annual conference, and opportunities to network and promote shared priorities. By working together through a set of shared principles, the Good Food Organizations program connects like-minded organizations across Canada and beyond in a collective commitment to achieving a healthy and fair food system.